We realize it is an unsettling time and want you to know your safety and oral health remains our top priority.

Did you know recent research shows a link between poor oral hygiene and severity of COVID-19 disease? This research further emphasizes the importance of visiting our practice for your routine oral healthcare. A visit with our practice helps to reduce and prevent bacteria which can lead to many systemic diseases.

Check This Out!

Here is a great article from the California Dental Association about COVID-19 and your mouth.  This is an evolving field, and there is new information all the time!

“The Mouth-COVID Connection”

To schedule your next visit with our practice, please give us a call at (714) 594-7009.

As always, if you’re not feeling well, and have an upcoming appointment, please give us a call to reschedule.

While you’re at home resting, here are some helpful oral health tips from our friends at the @AmericanDentalAssociation:

✅ Throw it away!

Throw away your brush once you are feeling better: Replacing your brush head after recovering from an illness ensures you get rid of lingering bacteria.


✅ Tall Drink of Water!

Stay hydrated to avoid dry mouth: Drink plenty of water, as dry mouth can also put you at greater risk for cavities.


✅ Kick the Habit!

The sugar habit, that is. Choose sugar-free cough drops: Many cough drops contain sugar, making them equivalent to sucking on candy.


✅ Choose the right fluids!

Water is always the best choice.  Your organs, your skin, and your teeth will thank you!  Water helps to neutralize the acids in your mouth and lowers your risk of developing new cavities! To replenish electrolytes, drink sports drinks in moderation due to sugar content.