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Bonding and GLO Science Professional Whitening
Sometimes it takes more than one treatment to achieve your perfect smile.  In this case, all it took was some esthetic bonding and whitening!  Both are very non-invasive, conservative procedures, and both can be done in short, comfortable visits.
Smile Makeover
Things as simple as whitening or veneers can make all the difference in your smile!  These are non-invasive and safe procedures.  When they are done by our experienced dentists, your smile will be more energetic than you thought possible!
Dental Cavity Removal
At Energetic Smile, we use non-toxic, tooth colored fillings to provide conservative and long lasting solutions to dental cavities. Our top-of-the-line material bonds to the tooth, allowing a stronger and safer filling.  Our tooth colored fillings are non-toxic and biocompatible.  These long-lasting fillings even help guard against future decay!
Cosmetic Dental Treatment
Our experienced team of cosmetic dentists can work with you to achieve your dream smile! We proudly do cosmetic dentistry for the entire family.
Plaque Removal Services
At Energetic Smile, we believe in whole-body health. Having a healthy mouth affects the rest of you! That is why we emphasize good gum care with our patients.
Family Dental Treatment
At Energetic Smile, we proudly offer clear braces to fix or realign your teeth. Crowding, spacing, tipping, and more can be resolved in just a few short months with incredible results!