Oral Surgery

We always try to save a tooth whenever possible. If a tooth is not able to be saved, an extraction is recommended.  Sometimes, wisdom teeth are recommended for extraction if they are likely to cause problems in the future.

At Energetic Smile, we use a digital three-dimensional scan called a Cone Beam CT Scan or a digital panoramic radiograph to thoroughly plan for a predictable, safe extraction.

After the tooth is gently removed, a bone graft is placed in the site to preserve the shape of the socket and to help prevent bone loss from occurring at the site. If needed, the surrounding jawbone can also be smoothed at the same visit as the extraction in a procedure called alveoloplasty.  Alveoloplasty is especially necessary when extracting multiple teeth, or when the area is being prepared for implants or a denture.

We know that no one wants to have a tooth pulled.  That is why we strive to make these appointments – like all of our appointments – especially low stress.  To learn more, book an appointment with us today!