Julie Cruz

Office Manager
(714) 594-7009

Julie is our office manager. Julie currently lives in the city of Santa Ana with her husband, Lupe, and her two beautiful daughters, Giselle and Bianca.

She began her dental career 18 years ago as a dental assistant through an ROP program that taught her the humble beginnings of this profession. After 5 years of working in the back office, she then transitioned to be an office team leader.

One of her biggest passions is to lead others to accomplish and discover their true potential. It brings her pride and joy to see people growing learning to become a better version of themselves both in the work field and as people.

To be able to see a growing healthy team providing top-notch customer satisfaction is priceless. She believes that delivering a service makes patients remember us personally and create long lasting relationships not only professionally but personally.

Her goal is to help the organization be at its best by delivering a world-class patient experience. She is excited to be at Energetic Smile; she believes the team has the core values that all patients are looking for. It is not about us, it is about the patient, YOU.

Julie Cruz