Bright Teeth! Your Guide to Teeth Whitening


Everyone dreams achieving a sparkling white smile…but where do you start? Energetic Smile Family Dental offers a range of professional whitening products and services that will quickly and safely get you whiter teeth for a brighter – and more Energetic – smile.

Whitening isn’t for everyone though. At your dental visit, Dr. Lena DeBaz will evaluate your smile and your teeth to see if whitening is a good option

If you have…

  • Moderate to severe recession
  • Cavities
  • Crowns, bridges, or implants – especially ones that show when you smile

…we may recommend different ways for you to get to the bright smile you want!

In-office whitening

Having your teeth whitened with professional supervision is the safest way to achieve a bright smile. It’s a simple procedure, with quick results!

We will place a gel on your teeth, which gets activated with a light. No need to get numb! Your teeth will be brighter when you leave, and continue to whiten during the day.

We also offer take-home kits with custom molded trays. These results are not as fast, but they work great as a touch up after your in-office session.

How Long does Teeth Whitening Last

You can expect professional teeth whitening to least between 4 months and a year. This varies based largely on your diet – how many tooth-staining things you consume like coffee, tea, berries, wine, sauce, etc.

Our take-home kits are a great way to touch up your smile at home in between visits!

DIY Teeth Whitening

The internet is full of DIY home remedies for teeth whitening. Dr. Lena DeBaz recommends avoiding these home remedies such as using strawberries, charcoal, coconut oil pulling, or using lemon juice.

Many of these materials can do more harm than good, , sometimes using these materials can do more harm than good – even sometimes damaging your teeth if not applied properly.

If you decide on an at-home treatment, always make sure you are using a product certified by the American Dental Association.